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Top Online Universities

There is large number of online universities available in the internet. Millions of Americans took for-credit classes online in 2013, with a huge ration of these students are completing their whole degree online. Online education is relatively a novel method, but now it has become typical. There are more online colleges than ever, increasing competition, offerings, and overall value for students. Skill-based learning is predominantly on the growth online.


But with the amplified reception and series of high quality programs available fully online, the online colleges have been ranked for the year 2015. These online colleges have ranked in view of main affecting factors such as: affordability, flexibility, and quality guidance and instructions. When analyzing the online universities, over 400 institutions are providing at least one bachelor’s degree fully online. Because institutions only providing a limited range of online degrees aren’t what supreme students want when it comes to be present an online college. Because of that the selection area has narrowed into 80+ institutions that provide ten or more degrees fully online. The 80+ surveyed colleges were ranked regarding the following metrics.


Top Online Universities

Affordability: the average cost of attendance for one semester taking 15 credit hours
Flexibility: the number of bachelor’s degree-granting programs that may be obtained fully online, united with the flexibility with which students may attain a degree
Academic Consistency and Support: the strength and reputation of the online program’s parent institution as well as the range of support services for online college students
1. Northern Arizona University
2. Arizona State University
3. Granite State College
4. University of Central Florida
5. University of State University of New York / OPEN SUNY
6. American Public University System (tie)
7. Oregon State University (tie)
8. Fort Hays State University
9. Pennsylvania State World Campus
10. Grand Canyon University (tie)
The students can apply any of those top 10 online universities according to their choice..

Top Online Universities
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